Primary Crushing Mobile Plants with Jaw Crusher PP series

The PP series of primary crushing plants made by Ingenieria Becomp are used for reduction of the size of the rocks from the sources of material to suitable sizes for processing with secondary crushers or for direct use of coarse aggregates.
They have been designed to be transported easily by road, without exceeding gross vehicle weight and to be quickly put into operation.
Its modular design allows it to be conditioned with other crushing equipment for multiple purposes.


The plant has a hopper, which receives the rocks to be crushed and allows to store enough material so that the front loader can operate easily in the yard of storage.
Located under the hopper is a vibratory feeder, mounted on helical springs for damping the impact of the rocks when are loaded in to the hopper and which has a grizzly bars of adjustable gap that allows to separate the fine sizes that are harmful to the jaw crusher.

The feed rate is electronically modified to achieve a continuous, more efficient process and to increase the life of the components.
The rocks rejected by the grizzly bars are delivered to the jaw crusher, to be reduced in size according to the crusher closed side setting.
The crushed materials are received by a conveyor belt which evacuates them from the outlet of crusher to outside of the plant.

PP plants are manufactured with 20″x30″, 24″x36″ and 30″x42″ size crushers to meet the most commonly used production capacities in the industry.


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