CMC P and GP Series Cone Crushers

CMC’s HIGH SPEED cone crushers are state-of-the-art equipment that has a new internal mechanism that allows them to twice the speed compared to conventional cone crushers. This mechanism allows to apply the energy required to break up particles in half the time, which incorporates not only compression, but also impact, which results in greater product cubicity and more sand. These crushers have several types of mantles that can be selected according to the work to be performed.

Its main characteristics are:

-5 models available with powers of 125, 200, 275, 400 and 500 HP.
-Capacities from 42 TPH to 750 TPH.
-5 types of mantles to adjust to the needs of each process: “SS” Extra Fine, “S” Fine, “F” Medium, “C” Coarse and “CC” Extra Coarse.
-External lubrication unit with pump and axial fan.
-Close of the crushing chamber with protection against non-crushing particles by the use of hydraulic cylinders installed in tandem with pressure accumulators.
-Operation of the hydraulic cylinders in reverse for unclogging of the crushing chamber.
-Device with hydraulic motor for rotation of the upper frame and setting of the close side setting of crushing chamber..
-Computer optional for automatic graduation of the closing of the crushing chamber.
-External hydraulic pressure unit with motor, pump, directional valves and oil storage tank.
-Lubrication unit with pump, air cooled radiator and oil storage tank.
-Electric panel with temperature, level and flow controls to interlock with the main motor starter.
-Chassis for integral support of the crusher and its motor on 6 neoprene isolators..
– Optional version of crusher with springs and hydraulic aid for unclogging and releasing, using the same high speed internal mechanism.



                         P SERIE:                      

·CMC P1A                ·CMC P2A                  ·CMC P3A                ·CMC P4A

     GP SERIE:

     200                                 300                                 500



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