Hot mix asphalt drum mixer plants
 BC1400, BC1600 and BC1800

Hot mix asphalt drum mixer plants for their simplicity, are suitable for the production of a wide range of asphalt mixtures of excellent quality with low operational cost of low need for maintenance.

The BC series plants are manufactured in two models with nominal productions of 60, 120 and 180 TPH.

The drying of the aggregates and subsequent mixing with the asphalt are done in the drum, where the aggregates and gases move in the same direction.

The design of long mixer dryer drums, with length-to-diameter ratios greater than 5, allows for the extraction of heat from the combustion gases to temperatures of 12 degrees above the mixing temperature, eliminating the possibility of asphalt deterioration.

The burner design has been the result of extensive experimentation with different fuels. It is equipped with Honneywell controls that allow the shaping of the flame for efficient heat transfer as well as manual or automatic variation of the heat rate, in order to achieve the exact temperature for the binding of the asphalt and aggregates.


Dust collection is normally done by a wet scrubber mounted on the same chassis, achieving collection efficiencies of up to 97% with minimal cost and low maintenance. Furthermore, the use of this technology allows for the use of a large variety of fuels with high calorific value such as recycled oils and crude oil.

For the dosage of cold aggregates there are configurations of 1 to 4 hoppers, the most versatile being 3 hoppers in a separate trailer.

The asphalt dosing system features compact configurations of quick installation made up of a storage tank, boiler, and loading and dosing pumps, all mounted on the same trailer.
The plant is fully automated using computers manufactured by Systems Equipment Corporation, which provides hardware versions of ADP100 in Windows and ADP020 with LCD screen.

Webster heavy duty chain lifts with anti-segregation hopper are supplied with the plant for the loading of the mix into trucks, or alternative heated silos with storage capacities of 30 to 50 tons may be used.

All plants are supplied pre-wired to expedite their operation.


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