Hot mix asphalt batch plants

Series  Mobile1500 and Mobile2000

Hot mix aspalt batch plants, also known as discontinuous asphalt plants, are especially suitable when strict control of all mix parameters, flexibility in production and compliance with environmental standards is required.

The Mobile series batch asphalt plants are manufactured in two models with nominal production of 140 and 180 TPH.

The use of a large diameter counter flow drum dryers and subsequent warm storage of dry aggregate produces drying times 8 to 10 times that of the corresponding continuous process, ensuring the complete removal of all moisture, superficial and internal, from the aggregate particles and the precise temperature control for the correct addition of the binder.

The independent storage of different size aggregates and the weight-based dispensing of each component of the mix completely avoid segregation in the asphalt mix and allows for an accurate and precise production of the required granulometric curve.

The aggregate weighing scale dispenses each of the aggregates sequentially, ensuring every component of the asphalt mix formula are present in the exact amounts required.
The treatment of the filler recovered from the bag filter, its storage in the silo, its independent weighing and direct dispensing into the mixer after the addition of the liquid asphalt ensures the precise control of the fine aggregates in the mix.
The liquid asphalt is added to the dry aggregates in the exact amount every time thanks to the independent automatic weigh based control scheme that avoid errors that may arise from the density change at different temperatures.

The mixing parameters are adjustable as needed.
The asphalt mix formula can be changed between batched with absolute confidence in the quality of the product without stopping the operation at all. Furthermore, once a batch is finished it is possible to stop production immediately without any waste of the liquid asphalt.


The sleeve filter used is of the reverse flow type, with smooth NOMEX sleeves, easily washable. This technology eliminates the harmful use of compressed air for cleaning sleeves, which tears and impregnates them with oil. On the other hand, the use of this technology eliminates the use of pleated disposable cartridges, which are made of fabrics with low temperature resistance.

The control station has electronic aids that allow the operator to have a full control over the plant, from allowing full automatic operation through a PLC to allowing minute manual control of each of the components of the plant.

The plant has been built on a trailer chassis to be transported by road and put into operation as quickly as possible.
Optionally, it is possible to add recycled asphalt pavements (RAP) to the asphalt mixture through a damper located in the dryer’s reclaimer, which puts the RAP in direct contact with the hot aggregates to dry it. To allow for the complete RAP integration, an additional trailer is supplied with the plant that has a RAP feeding system that ensures the appropriate amount and sizes of RAP are supplied to the mixture. This system counts with hopper with variable speed band feeder with digital readings of the tons per hour supplied, followed by a scalper for removal of possible overtakes and a conveyor belt that delivers the RAP to the reclaimer of the dryer.

Additionally, rubber-asphalt injection is also possible, for which an additional pump station is supplied with a special pump designed specifically for this purpose as well as a digital weight-based control system for the correct supply of liquid rubber-asphalt.
Filler addition to the mix is also possible (Cal or Cement) by the installation of a silo for pneumatic load in the case of cement transported in cisterns or a conventional feeder when the feeder does not come in bulk.


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